Extracts from Patrick Kelly’s book ‘Infinite Dao’ Chapter 1. (Part 1)

灵修启蒙 Spiritual Initiation

大量的内心自我反省下,我虽未通过大部分的学科考试,但我找到了心理平衡发展之路,思维也转向了对生命终极意义的探索。我发现现代艺术圈的创作都很感性且以自我为中心,而我早年为探索灵修所读的道家和禅宗等传统类书籍所追求的,是更高深的东西。At the end of that period of intense self examination – which incidentally resulted in failures in most of my university
exams – having found a path forward in terms of psychological balance, my thoughts turned to the ultimate meaning of life. My spiritual enquiry had been activated in that previous year by the reading of books on artistic creativity within the Daoist and Zen traditions. There it was clear that they aspired to something more subtle than the highly emotional, self-obsessed creativity, obviously apparent in the modern artistic world.

Toward a spiritual dimension

就这样,年方21岁的我重新踏入了灵修的探索领域。虽然我并不确定以能量和神灵为载体的内在世界是否真实存在,但凭着当时有限的探索智慧,我就已经认识到:如果一切的一切仅仅是肉体(包括大脑),那我以怎样的方式修行都无所谓,因为死亡会带走一切;但假如肉体之外确有这么一个世界,那么漠视它的存在而虚度人世就是彻头彻尾的愚蠢。我坚信自己的灵魂终能听到内心所愿,至今我都还清楚记得自己从觉悟最深处发出有人能将自己带上灵修之路衷心祈求的那天。回顾过去,我的灵修之路其实正始于197112月的那个时刻。So at the age of 21 my efforts were re-directed towards the spiritual dimension. It was not certain to my superficially enquiring intellect that the inner-worlds of energies, spirits and gods really did exist, however it was bright enough to realise that if all there was, was the body (including the brain), then it didn’t matter much how I proceeded as all would be gone when I died, but if there was this world beyond the body then to spend a lifetime on the surface of existence, as if that inner world did not exist, was pure stupidity. Reasoning that my Spirit could hear my inner wishes, one day, still now fresh in my memory, from the deepest state of consciousness I could generate, I sent a heartfelt plea for help to be led on the inner path. Looking back now to that moment in December 1971, I realise it was the moment I began.


pk2web克利 Patrick A Kelly

began Taiji with an experienced student of Master Huang Xingxian in 1973. In 1977 he moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where he studied full time in Master Huang’s school. In 1979, following tradition, Master Huang accepted Patrick as his personal disciple – the only non-Chinese to ever enter Huang’s inner-school. From that time Patrick Kelly travelled and taught beween Asia, Australasia and Europe while continuing to learn personally with Master Huang untill his death late 1992. Simultaneously Patrick worked closely both with the Naqshibandi Gnostic Sage Abdullah Dougan for 14 years until Abdullah’s death in 1987 and for 30 years with the Raja Yogi Mounimaharaj of Rajasthan who died in 2007 at more than 105 years old.


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