by Samson James Land

I choose to study Kung fu in China , as China is its birthplace, and I wished to learn from the masters who would know it best, who wouldn’t let me give up and push me passed my limits, to reach a style, to push myself and to not let the masters, coaches or fellow students down, to show my respect for them.

Studying in Kunyu Asamcademy has given me many things, confidence in myself. Pride in my accomplishments, life time friends, discipline in both mind and body, and education of an amazing history. But my greatest gain from my training has to be my evolution. I have become a happier and better person since coming here.

Everybody helped me during the training. The master and coach pushed my limits further showing me new heights to achieve for. My group helped me feel welcome, as well as helping me learn. The school earned my respect and I would not let anybody down.

The lessons were hard, but the sense of pride gained when you overcome a precious barrier is ecstatic. The friends you will make help you in every way and in return you wish to help them too. The masters have knowledge to share if you are willing to learn and always help. They smile a lot and are friendly making you want to study harder. The translators are friendly and also teach you a lot.

The only way I can describe Kunyu Shan and the surrounding area is: Paradise on Earth. Everything is beautiful, the city has everything you will ever need. Kunyu Shan is now part of my family and I will be returning.

To book your place at Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Kung fu Academy simple click the link to learn more about the prices per month and to book your place.

One thought on “Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Kung fu Academy – Latest Review

  1. The Sanda is real because you learn by sparring, but all other martial arts taught here are for demonstration purposes only and involve no combat or sparring. Take note, the Wing Chun is academic and not real with no chi sau in the time I was there. The standard is the student who has been studying for the longest. The highest standard was a 16 year old girl from the US. Three students left in July 2020 because the Wing Chun was fake. The instructor Master Guo explicitly stated that the Wing Chun he taught was not suitable for fighting. Shaolin, Baji, Tai Chi and Wing Chun forms are taught as a series of choreographed moves. You are graded by demonstrating your form in front of a table with three instructors. The photos of look impressive but without sparring, you are learning choreographed moves.


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