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When Pam Tucker of Leon, West Virginia, signed up for her first karate class at the age of 18, she never dreamed that her passion for martial arts would be so infectious.  Today, Pam, her husband, Frank, and their children, Mason, 13, Jake, 10, and Zaiah, 8, spend 3 days a week at the martial arts training hall (dojan) and center their vacations around national karate championships at which they volunteer. “It’s a fun activity that helps all of us stay in shape and feel connected to one another,” says Pam.

Martial arts have become a family affair – for moms, dads, and children of all ages. Today, almost half of the sport’s 6 million participants are kids between the ages of 6 and 17, and women comprise one-third of the student body, according to the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association.

Martial arts are booming because they offer something for all…

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