Training with Master Zhou

SMA – Baji Zhandao UK training camp visit to Tianjin to train with Master Zhou.

Master Zhou Jingxuan teaches in Xi Gu park in Hong Qiao District. Historically this park continues to attract many of Tianjin’s famous martial arts masters and students. The park is a hive of activity throughout the day.

Master Zhou teaches the rare inner courtyard Shaolin martial art of Jin Gang Ba Shi. In addition to that he also teaches Piguazhang, Xingyi quan, Baji quan, Li style Taichi and Chou Jiao. As our trip to visit with Master Zhou was relatively short we focused our learning on the basics of two specific styles Piguazhang and Bajiquan.

After a warm welcome in Tainjin and some photos we enjoyed two hours of great training in Xi Gu park with Master Zhou. After the training we were invited for dinner with Master Zhou his senior students and a number of representatives from the Tianjin Martial Arts Association.

The following is an assortment of clips from the two day seminar as well as a short clip from a discussion on the evolvement of Bajiquan in Tainjin.

All the training you see in the video took place in Xigu Park where Master Zhou regularly teaches.

For further information on studying with Master Zhou, the Shang Wu Zhai Academy as well as a host of other masters in China and Thailand check out the http://www.StudyMartialArts.Org website.

The Power of the Conscious Breath


Later today I’m heading over to the Zajia Lab at the rear of Beijing’s landmark Bell Tower for a breathing workshop. Yes, indeed a breathing workshop and, in Beijing of all places! I am going there to learn how to breath.

Breathing as know is essential for human life, without oxygen we die, therefore it stands to reason that if we can do this better our body functions and internal workings will be better and therefore our health will be better. Breathing habits and posture are considered to be essential components of health. The breath alone is one of the most important tools at an athlete’s disposal. How an athlete breaths is directly associated with performance. It seems obvious but it is often overlooked.

For the martial artists the breath is also important. It is used to focus and deliver power or alternatively protect the body, while for others it has become a spiritual practice and one that is practiced by Buddhist monks, Taoist monks and holy men the world over, allowing the creation of space, mental peace and balance. The cultivation of spirit.

The fact is that the conscious practice of breathing is capable of producing dramatic and life changing results, its free, limitless and can be practiced anywhere and at any time. My personal experience of the power of breathing has been through my own practice of standing and moving neigong’s and meditations.  Since arriving in China to study traditional combat Martial Arts this aspect of breathing and meditation training continues to grow in importance for me personally. This is due more to the amazing all-round benefits I receive from this practice in terms of health, stress management, balance, building qi even to the ability of visualizing and manifesting the results I desire than changing importance’s as I get older. But more on that later.

So today I’m heading off to a breathing workshop with an open mind and a desire to take whatever techniques I learn at this workshop and add it to my already growing knowledge of neigong.

So if you read this I hope it inspires you to take a little time out of your day to simply take a few long slow deep conscious breaths. When doing this keep an up right relaxed posture and focus on your internal universe. Listen to the breath moving while you practicing an inner smile.

If you would like to learn more about the power of breathing or future breathing workshops or practices feel free to post below or PM me directly at or visit www.StudyMartialArts.Org