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Greetings from Germany, where I am now enjoying a much anticipated conference dedicated to the study of fightbooks hosted by the German Blade Museum.  I will be posting both the text of my keynote and a full report on the conference once I get back to the United States.  In the mean time I would like to share two additional papers that were given at this summer’s 2017 Martial Arts Studies Conference.  The first video was produced by P. S. Gowtham and focuses on both the techniques and narratives seen in two Indian martial arts.  This presentation is short, but its a great project by a promising young scholar.  Be sure to check it out.

After watching Gowtham’s introduction we can move on to the main event.  That is Prof. Gitanjali Kolanad’s keynote titled “Striking a Balance – the relationship between dancing and fighting.”  We were very…

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