Other must try foods in Taiwan

  • Braised pork with rice (Lǔròu fàn 滷肉飯): this is a typical local braised dish eaten on a bed of white rice;
  • Taiwanese hamburger (Gē bāo 割包): steamed bread enriched with minced meat and vegetables and a dusting of peanuts, so it’s really tasty;
  • Pineapple cupcakes (Fènglí sū 鳳梨酥): Great with a nice cup of tea.
  • Onion pancakes (Cōng zhuā bǐng 蔥抓餅): Fatty and filling.
  • Taiwanese ice (Bàobīng shān 刨冰山): Crushed ice with fresh mango. The hot weather of Taipei makes Taiwanese ice a must for keeping cool.
  • Rice cake cooked in bamboo (Tǒng zǐ mǐ gāo 筒仔米糕): this is a specialty of Daqiaotou, for lovers of mushrooms and the smell of bamboo;
  • Calamari (Huāzhī 花枝): A must try. Simply amazing when done right, and perfect with a Taiwanese Beer.
  • Noodles: (Niúròu miàn 牛肉麵) Beef Noodles and rice noodles, seasoned in oyster sauce (Hézǐ miàn xiàn 蚵仔麵線), are my favourite.

“Enjoy the tastes and smells of Taiwan”. 

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