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This review from a student highlights why the services provided by StudyMartialArts.Org are so vital when booking the right intensive martial arts experience. With so many kung fu schools to choose from it’s easy to get lost in romantic notions of hard training, and great martial arts masters like Pai Mei.


“I went for a month and a half and It felt more like a kung fu themed holiday at times rather than a training trip but that may be down to the group I was with. Training was interrupted with snacks and drinks frequently, we were taken to a spa and taken for meals, drinks and karaoke. Many in my group enjoyed this aspect of the trip but if your primary goal is to train hard and improve significantly this may not be the best choice Favouritism is very apparent (he will only learn the names of favoured students) and usually based more heavily on the lightness of your skin/hair than training ethic or character. I have met others who received good quality teaching from Xinglin and come back with greatly improved skill.

I would recommend traveling solo and taking several months out for the best training experience and not asking to learn a particular weapon or style. The food is home cooked and very good, accommodation is comfortable and air conditioned so don’t expect to live like a Buddhist monk.

Translator Cindy is extremely friendly and kind”.

If you would like to read more reviews for this school or other schools in China, Thailand and Japan click this link to learn more with StudyMartialArts.Org.

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