I’ve been studying and working now in China for a few years. Since 2008 in fact. Now into my fifth year I’ve been working on ways to allow students the opportunity to combine studying martial arts and teaching. So these up coming entries will focus on my experiences and I hope it can help serve as a means of reference and support to others out there who are currently on or are planning a similar path.

The trick is of course in the perfection of yin and yang. A balancing act of work and study. Something I certainly have not mastered but something I know more than most about here in China. Through these entries the sharing of others experiences my hope is that readers can get closer to that middle path.

As I continue to take on extra demands and responsibilities as I develop www.StudyMartialArts.Org This balancing act between life, teaching, studying and building a sustainable martial arts business becomes ever more important. So my fellow bloggers and readers your input and advice will be invaluable as we chew the fat of this topic. Communication and teaching is about a two way process and so should these blog enters.

So as you sit scratching your head on how you can extend your travel and training experience into a work and study experience, financial necessities and the lurking shadow of securing your Chinese visa will be your primary concerns. Therefore from time to time I will post on these very topics and group together some of the best options I have come across.  I’ll use my connections and experience to provide followers of these blog entry’s with the right information and support. If on the other had you are lucky enough to have some cash squirreled away then I’ll have plenty of recommendations for you in terms of studying and getting the most out of that cash.

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