Yee Jee Kim Yeung Ma- Goat Riding Stance of Wing Chun Kung Fu

GrayChuan: A Martial Artist's Perspective

YEE JEE KIM YEUNG MA: Goat Riding Stance

– Pull in the chest, push out the upper back, and bring in the tail bone.

– Fill the Tan Tien with chi and distribute the strength to all parts of the body.

Point the knees and toes inward.

– Form a pyramid with the center of gravity in the center.

– Fists are placed by the side of the ribs but not touching the body.

– Sink the elbows, the shoulders, and the waist.

– Hold the head and neck straight and keep the spirit alert.

– Eyes are level, looking straight ahead, and watching all directions.

– The mind is free of distractions and the mood is bright.

– There is no fear when facing the opponent.

Yee Jee Kim Yeung Ma is the main stance.

– Develop a good foundation for advanced techniques.

The above…

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