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It’s about ten years ago since my article ‘Tai Chi, Fascia and Biotensegrity’ was first published in the TCUGB magazine, on the old version of this website and on numerous other sites across the net. Since then it has been one of my most read articles. What I offer here, now on our new site, is a revised version of that original piece. Enjoy.

I first came across fascia in the early 2000s when my dear old friend Dr. Ned was training to be an Osteopath. We had a great thing going: he would come to the park and do some intensive training with me, then we would head back to mine where he would give me a superb osteopathic treatment. Afterwards it was the norm for us to venture out for food, merriment and to chew the fat as it were, discussing all manner of things to do with…

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