I have but little talent and shallow learning, and my skill level is quite inferior. How could I presume to make books and invite ridicule from experts? It is simply because the great benefit I have received from martial arts I would not dare to keep to myself. I want to share it with my compatriots throughout the whole nation, particularly those who are weak or often ill. With constant practice, martial arts can turn the weak into the strong. As I do this out of a mentality of self-love and caring for others, I have roused my courage in hopes that my small efforts will bring about a large benefit.

When I was young, I was constantly ill. Once I became an adult, I was still frail and weak. Medicines had been having no effect, to the great anxiety of my parents, but in our town there was a Fu Tingjia, who was an expert in martial arts, so they asked him to give me instruction. After just a year, all my chronic ailments had quickly been cured, and I was also inspired to take it further. At that time, the well-known Taiji expert An Dingbang was teaching at the Beijing Health & Fitness Society, so I left home to approach him for instruction. His skill was exquisite, his teaching method was systematic and patient. I trained hard from morning to night, feeling blessed to have access to such teachings. My strength grew to abundance and I had been transformed.

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