Kung Fu Tea


Occasionally life takes a turn and one’s personal martial arts training gets moved to the back burner.  The last couple of weeks have been like that as my wife and I have been engulfed in a seemingly unending move.  It certainly could have been worse as on paper it was a just a short hop up the road to a new apartment complex.  Still, one should never underestimate the utter devastation that is unleashed by a stack of cardboard boxes and a U-Haul van.

At times like this I find myself envying Buddhist monks and other individuals who have walked away from the concept of material possessions.  My weakness, unsurprisingly, is books.  And it seems that a very large percentage of these books feature images of martial artists on their covers.

Unfortunately, all of those books are still sitting in neatly labeled, identical, 12 inch by 12 inch moving…

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