Kung Fu Tea

Martial Arts in the British National Press
Paul Bowman
Cardiff University
JOMEC Research Seminar, Cardiff University, 13th December 2017


This research project looked at stories, items and features about martial arts in the UK national press.[1] The basic area of enquiry is into the kinds of stories that have been and are being told about martial arts and martial artists in mainstream British popular culture.[2]

This study of the press is only one part of a larger research project, which is looking at the representations of martial arts in a range of different realms of British popular culture, such as films, adverts, magazines, music videos and books.[3]

The project is specifically interested in non-specialist publications, non-specialist texts, and non-specialist contexts. This is because I am interested in finding out what kinds of stories about martial arts circulate in mainstream contexts; what kinds of representations dominate…

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