Kung Fu Tea

Chad Eisner (left) sparring with one of his students.

Solo, the latest addition to the Star Wars franchise, opens around the country tonight.  As such, it is only fitting that I share with readers of Kung Fu Tea my latest article, co-authored with Chad Eisner.  This piece was just published on the Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine webpage.  I was quite happy with the way the essay and accompanying photographs turned out, and I believe that this meditation has something to offer traditional martial artists and Star Wars fans alike.  Chad and I would like to thank Gene Ching, the Publisher of Kung Fu Tai Chi, for his support and willingness to expand the scope of our exploration of the martial arts.

On a more personal note I also owe Gene thanks as this essay accomplishes a longstanding goal.  I vividly remember rushing to the local convience stores as…

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