by Jason Ho

Welcome to a world of FISTS, FOES and FOOD-BLOGGING. Welcome to Johnny Wong’s Rockabilly Restaurant Reviews, a new web series that will satiate your desire for fighting and food.

This show is especially great for the martial arts fan out there who loves seeing fight choreography mixed within modern day settings and storylines, and characters that derive their larger-than-life persona from classic golden-age era movies of 80’s Hong Kong and Japan.

Written and Directed by director Jason Ho (, who grew up on Jackie Chan, Kung Fu and Chinese food–he’s always wanted to combine the things he’s loved into a show that brings back good ol’ fashioned heroes who have swagger and bravado.

So Who is Johnny Wong? He’s a hard-hustling, fist-fighting cocky dude who’s all about making money. Who is Riley Reece? She’s a food-blogging, fashion-fanatic little sweetheart looking for that next slice o’ pizza. Both are on a mission to make as much money as possible…why? Because Riley is dying.

Check out the action-packed trailer and first episode here!


Episode 1

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