Stumbled across this great quote and piece of advice from Adam Mizner. The Head instructor from Heaven Man Earth Internal Arts and the brains behind In my opinion one of the best online sites for learning Taiji quan around. 
“Why is my qi cultivation not working? Accumulating qi is like saving money, its not just what you earn that counts but most importantly what you spend. There are many ways that we deplete and spend our qi, but there is one main culprit, that culprit is the emotions. Strong unchecked emotions and excessive thought deplete the qi faster than we can accumulate it. This is why a balanced practice must also include cultivation of the self. Cultivation of a stable emotional body is a precursor to spiritual/not self work and also slows down the depletion of our qi.” – Adam Mizner
Adam has dedicated many years to the in depth study of Daoism, western Hermetics and the Buddha Dhamma, and teaches methods from these traditions. He is a senior lay disciple of Ajahn Jumnien in the Thai Forest tradition of Theravada Buddhism. This deep spiritual background has a large influence on his approach to Tai Chi and internal development teaching.


Check out his video from his channel on maintaining conditions.

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