I often get bookings from people keen to take advantage of their winter holiday, get fit and experience a life less ordinary. Their questions will often be, where is the best training options during winter? What’s it going to be like? How is the heating?

In this article I focus on a few kung fu schools where training is less likely to be affected by the cold. Therefore you can get the most out of your time and the experience in general. When asked these questions I often have to explain its not training in the cold thats uncomfortable, its having down time in the cold that tends to gets to people more. Heating in generally is non-existent making many of the kung fu schools in Northern China not the most attractive option if you’ve only a few weeks or 1-3 months between December and February.

Here is my list of the best kung fu schools in China during winter that offer intensive training. At these schools you can focus on your training, and for the most part avoid the bitter cold, rain and snow.

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